CANELMAR, S.A., was established in 1.985 and has has great experience in alive seafood. At the very beginning, the activity was focused on local seafood from the cantabrico sea. Lately, at the end of 80’s opens itself to an outward trade area, specially the european market.

instal_5Our viviers are located at one of the most privileged areas of the cantabrico sea, being the quality of seawater outstanding, campiello beach, in cadavedo village, luarca, in the western part of asturias. There is a total surface of 3.000 m2 for offices , stores, refrideration rooms and ponds. The ponds, due to the proximity of the sea,( about 40 meters), are provided with a non-stop water flow system, which means a perfect environment for the seafood.

The purchase and selection of our products is a hard job that our well qualified staff carries out. our aim is to offer our customers the best quality. Seafood come from places well known for good quality such as: wales england, scotland and france. our vehicles are equiped with the latest technology, so as to guarantee both, quality and reliability.

Our responsible comercial attitude, a total knowledge of all our products and of course our customers’ fidelity , have made canelmar one of the main names in this sector.


These are some of the characteristics of our installations:-

  • Located on the western coast of asturias, in cadavedo , county town valdes, in campiello beach.
  • Stores to keep packages.
  • Workroom for the right maintenance of vehicles and installations.
  • Area ready for the incoming orders preparation.
  • Cold storage room.
  • Ponds with a capacity of 280 m3 of water.


oficinas_a90 m2 surface for offices.

Equiped with the latest features (not only hardware but software), this Firm bets on the new technologies and looks for anything that helps us to improve both quality and service to the customer. together with the good qualification of our staff allows us to be on top.

Nursery Vehicles

Our vehicle fleet is equiped with the latest systems of water temperature and oxigention control, this guarantees the proper seafood transport. To make it real we count on an extraordinary group of profesionals with the highest qualification.